Thank you to our Education Donors!
It takes powerful donors to help maintain Tidewater Winds and all of our programs. We thank you all and especially Lieutenant-Colonel Poehlmann and his wife, Mrs. Suzanne Judd present a $250 check to the Executive Director and Music Director of Tidewater Winds Concert Band for their ‘Adopt and Intern Program,” during the free concert performed by the Tidewater Concert at Norfolk Collegiate School on Sunday July 29, 2018 in Norfolk, VA

Left to Right
Lieutenant-Colonel Greg Poehlmann (Canadian Army at ACT HQ), his wife Mrs. Suzanne Judd, Mr. Nathan Coffman (Trumpet Intern), Mr. John Brewington (Music Director for the Tidewater Winds Concert Band) and Mr. Michael Williams (Executive Director for the Tidewater Winds Concert Band)

“Your musical gifts to the community are only embellished by the education you provide to young people and the appreciation you offer to the US Military and its allies!”
Lieutenant-Colonel Greg Poehlmann, Canadian Army

We Thank You!
All 17 Interns were adopted and theWinds Education Program
was a success! 

Adopt And Intern

Intern Adoption Overview

You provided powerful support to the Tidewater Winds Education Initiative by underwriting a student interns experience with the Winds. Your donation offers mentor opportunities with our professional musicians, a Master Class session, performance support  and a powerful experience for our young students. This year, 17 high school and college interns were chosen to enhance our summer concert series and we thank you for your support! 

1. $250 Adoption Pledge

2. Receive information about your student

3. Visit your student after concerts

4. Receive updates, messages and a final thank you note for your support

5. Sit in on the Master Class

6. Visit at our final end of season event

Your suppport went a long way to ensure our students success in music!

Thank you!