The Memorial Project
Happy 100th Birthday Sidney Berg! 

Share Your Memories, Pictures and Musical Moments of Sidney Berg
Please participate in the Sidney Berg
Memory Project!

So many people who experienced Sidney Berg up close have a story to tell. The memory project hopes to collect them and build a unique digital memorial to our founder.  You can submit anything from a brief audio account, to a photo, to a written description of a personal experience. We know you are out there and we want you to share your stories of the late great Sidney Berg. Please share them with us so that we can share them with everyone! We will be updating our History and Memory Pages with this unque Hampton Roads walk down memory lane!

Remembering Maestro Sidney Berg

Sidney Berg Memory Project Submissions

Submit your memories, pictures, letters and musical moments here to remember Sidney Berg!

Sidney Berg's Family and descendants!

"We are so proud of my grandfather, Sid Berg for his gift and vision to Hampton Roads music. Please continue to support his cause and  help the Winds envision a bright future.

Thank You! 

-Rachael Trussel