Musicians of Tidewater Winds

Tidewater Winds is working to enhance our ability to communicate with musicians, staff and Board. In order to operate in a fast-paced environmment, we need to be able to keep everyone informed. Please use this site as a means to stay updated on our efforts and events as well as new portals that will be shared with you in the near future. Our rehearsal schedules will be  updated frequently.
Thank you for your patience, talents and time! 

2018 Rehearsals-Concerts
2018 Concert Calendar

Tidewater Winds Staff and Board Appreciate our Talented Musicians!
We Thank You for Your Passion! 

Musician Liaisons and Personnel Manager

  1. Tom Grapar
    Tom Grapar
    Musician Liaison
  2. Rick Kalinauskus
    Rick Kalinauskus
    Personnel Manager
  3. Becky Peppard
    Becky Peppard
    Musician Liaison